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Boulder Colorado

All about Breeze Bars



Are Breeze Bars Gluten Free?

Yes, Breeze Bars are naturally gluten free and are manufactured in a gluten free facility.

What about other allergens?

In addition to being Gluten Free all Breeze Bars are Dairy Free.  Our Nut Free Sunflower Bars are also soy and nut free.

Do Breeze Bars Contain GMO’s? 

NO.  We take pride in our NON- GMO ingredients and are working towards NON- GMO certification with the NON- GMO Project. The ratio of Carbohydrate to protein is 5:1 making it an excellent source of energy for any time of day.

Where does the protein in Breeze Bars come from?

All of the protein in Breeze Bars comes from either whole nuts, whole seeds or NON-GMO roasted soy beans.  We do not add protein isolates to Breeze Bars, thus maintaining a naturally easy to digest product.

Do Breeze Bars fill you up?

YES! Breeze Bars are very satisfying both in flavor and sustainability.  They provide you with a quick pick me up as well as long term energy.  Breeze Bars are not extruded and are made with puffed grains meaning they will not sit heavy in your stomach.  Enjoy your Breeze Bars before, during or after a workout or as a healthy snack in your busy day.

How does Breeze Describe Breeze Bars?

“Breeze Bars are designed to give you nutritional bang for your buck, meaning that each calorie and nutrient provides you with a benefit.  You will not find empty calories in Breeze Bars and their flavor and texture is to die for!!”