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Boulder Colorado

All about Breeze Bars

Meet Breeze

Breeze Bars were initially developed by Breeze Brown, a registered dietitian, for her sister who had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and a few close athlete friends.  Designed to provide quick fuel with sustainable energy, the fact that these bars sat light in the stomach and tasted great created a little bit of a buzz throughout the Boulder community.

“I had just graduated with my masters in Food Science and human nutrition and was enjoying making bars that my little sister could eat and that my fellow athlete friends found effective”.

In 2009, with $300 and a passion in hand, Breeze decided to launch the small bar business. In three short years of grass roots growth Breeze Bars has moved from a kitchen based operation with only a few retailers, to nearly 100 retailers including coffee shops, outdoor stores, health clubs and natural food stores. 

Made with whole, natural ingredients and a complimentary blend of carbohydrates, fat and protein, these bars provide an immediate pick me up along with sustainability. Breeze Bars taste great and are often described as the healthy crispy rice treat!

Breeze has also been able to use the bars as a nutritional platform to teach people about label reading, ingredients and how to take control of what you eat!